Boudoir Prep Guide


Below, you will find some general to-do's to get your hair and skin ready for your session:

1. Get hair and makeup ideas from magazines or our Pinterest board and bring them with you to your appointment or send them to me and I will show our artist.  Here is a link to our hair inspiration board; and here is a link to our makeup inspiration board.  While we are on the topic of Pinterest, please be sure to relax and not stress yourself out too much.  Pinterest can be a black hole sometimes, and can cause a lot of stress and frustration.  Please do not bring in pose ideas to your session.  I pull my inspiration from each girl that is in front of the camera.  Each girl looks her best in different poses, and it is my job to make sure you look your best.

2. Use a gentle exfoliator on your face 2 days before your session. It helps get rid of any dry skin buildup on your face along with giving you a nice glow. Don’t exfoliate the night or morning of your session. Your skin needs time to rejuvenate and sometimes can stay red for a while after.

3. Make sure your hair is dry when arriving to the studio. (if you are getting hair done) 

4. The morning of your appointment wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply an oil free moisturizer. Your foundation will go on smoother if your skin is hydrated. Make sure all excess makeup is off, especially mascara.


5. If you wear contacts have them in before you arrive.

6. Wear a loose light weight shirt or button up shirt to your makeup and hair appointment. You want it to be easy to remove.  Also, wear loose fitting pants.  Tight jeans will leave marks down your legs.  Please remove socks prior to going into hair and makeup to avoid sock lines.

7. If you need to do any waxing such as eyebrow or lip do this at least a week before your session to avoid redness and swelling.  If you have regrowth, we can tweeze them to make sure that they are picture perfect!

8. Drink a lot of water the week before leading up to your skin session, your skin will thank you for it and be glowing!

9. Get a good night’s rest before your session to avoid puffiness and bags under eyes.

10. Brush your teeth and lips well before you arrive for makeup. This will allow your lip color to go on smoothly and stay better.

11. DO NOT GET A SPRAY TAN.  Tan skin photographs orange, and spray tans will damage our garments and bedding.  DO NOT DO IT! Pale skin photographs beautifully!  We cannot Photoshop tan lines, or orange skin. 

12. If you have any skin allergies or sensitivities let your makeup artist know ahead of time.  We may have you bring in your own makeup depending on the sensitivity level.

13. Trust your makeup artist with your look.  When you’re confident, your artist will be confident too!  Your makeup will be darker than you are used to.  This is how makeup for camera works.  The camera will wash out some of it.

14. Do not take your cell phone out while having your makeup done. Looking down at the screen makes your artist’s job a lot harder and can cause mistakes.

15. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Please DO NOT bring any children or men to our session!! This is for you only, not them!! You are more than welcome to bring a girlfriend to the studio with you for support!! 

16. One more thing I want to add in. During your session DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT talk down about your self. We want only positive vibes during your session! I think you are the most gorgeous person and do not want negative vibes during your session, as it can bring down the mood! If this does happen I will stop you in your tracks and correct you completely, in a loving manor of course!