S H A N N A + J O H N N Y

Shanna and Johnny met in elementary school, it was love at first site! As they went their separate ways they met each other again and now will finally be getting married at the end of Sept 2018!! I was so honored to capture some of these amazing images for them as they embark on this new journey together!!

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C H E Y E N N E + J U S T I N

Cheyenne and Justin are expecting their 2nd baby next month and I just love getting to capture all the love between them! Every time I see them again I see something different in their love that just keeps growing and growing!

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M O R G A N + D A L T O N

Morgan and Dalton have been together for 5 years, recently married and have been loving every bit of the married life that they have been waiting for, for 3.5 years!!! This session was a perfect way to show off how much love they have had for each over the years and still growing day by day!! <3

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B R A U N W Y N + J O R D A N

Braunwyn and Jordan session was nothing-less than AHH-mazing! They didn’t mind stripping down into their swim suits to have a great time in a creek!! We had so much fun giggling and laughing! Not only that but we got some great intimate photos that are to die for!!

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S H E L B I + T Y E

I’ve known Shelbi the good o’l school days. When I found out that her and Tye were expecting I jumped at the opportunity to get them in front of my camera!! I love how you can see the love between these two in ever photo!

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K A T H E R I N E + J A S O N

Katherine and Jason’s session was perfect for Texas hot and sweaty weather!! Taking their pictures was like following them around in a romance novel!! <3

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Y E S S + S E E Z U R

Yess and SeeZur just had their gorgeous little boy!! I was so happy to be able to capture some great memories while she was pregnant! :) She and I grew up next door to each other when we were little and her sister and her were my sister and my best friends!! <3 Love them so much!

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